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powerschool Services

We have been helping school districts in Alaska with Student Information data services for over 10 years.  Having an on-demand PowerSchool Expert to ensure you are collecting accurate information will ensure you are making informed decisions and reporting correctly. Our services range from full management service to al la cartenrollment procedures, state reporting, grade book reviews, attendance, Special Programs case audits,  training, education applications integration. 

State Reporting

Preparing state reporting data is a daunting task.  Incorrect reporting could cost your district lost revenue or big trouble failing state audits. With over 10 year s experience in submitting Alaska state reports we are experts in ensuring your data is accurate and on time.


  • OASIS (Fall, Spring, Summer)

  • Child Nutrition Report

  • Suspension & Expulsion Report

  • AMYA (Alaska Military Youth Academy)

  • Carl Perkins

  • Migrant Course History

  • and many other types of reports

Special Programs

PowerSchool Special Programs module has many connections to PowerSchool SIS. It's very important to ensure accurate reporting between this module and your PowerSchool SIS. You do not want to miss valuable funding dollars. With school year audits with your SPED teachers accuracy can be achieved for your State Reporting and annual SPED Workbook submission. 


Enrollment support is central to accurate reporting and funding. An airtight process for enrollments is critical to ensuring you will have clean reporting data. Our service will work with your districts enrollment process to development a plan which will make your process accountable. The goal will be to be more automated and digital. 


Staff training is key to having clean information. Integrating PowerSchool PD+ service is great for on demand canned training. Delivering custom training specific to the needs to groups of users (teachers, secretaries, principals) can be more effective as you can integrate district policies and procedures and target key areas which need improvement. We offer remote training to enhance our other services being offered.

Everything in between

PowerSchool is a large product and we can provide service for all the in-between item:

Other Services:

  • Transcript design and delivery

  • Annual database rollover

  • Start of year setup

  • Report Cards design and delivery

  • Graduation progress to ensure students are on the path to completing high school

  • Integration to other platforms (Active Directory, Clever, Achieve 300, APEX, Renaissance Learning, etc...

  • and much much more...

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